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Hey Gang!

Here's a little page where I'll compile all of the Sagas we cover during the #ActionComicsDaily Project.  Hopefully this will help folks follow along and catch up with character-specific arcs you are interested in!

I'll probably be updating this page Weekly.

Black Canary



Crash of '88!



Green Lantern

Hero Hotline

Human Target


Nightwing & Speedy

Phantom Lady

Phantom Stranger

Secret Six





Wild Dog

Full Issues

ACW Ephemera:

From Amazing Heroes #133 (January 15, 1988):

Some in-store ACW signage (in a shadowbox I've been neglecting to hang up for around a year now):

House Ads:

ACW Feature from Back Issue! Magazine #98 (August, 2017):


  1. I am actually in the process of buying Action Comics I used to own. I never owned these, but I am buying them now at cheap prices. Hey, I REALLY enjoy typing my comments on your blog as well as reading your comments. They are funny, and unlike many are relatively clean (I don't like that you use the h-- curse, but it is still better than some. Superman and Transformers **(US & UK) comics were what I collected the most as a kid (in addition to Disney and Muppet Babies-I was older, but still liked them)

    1. Hello Sean! I'm so happy you found this place! I appreciate your kind words and comments!
      I'm also glad you noticed the (relatively) clean discussion here. I feel like there's enough cursing all over the internet (and in "real life") that I should keep this place as "all-ages friendly" as possible. I want people to discover the site, and know that it's a (relatively speaking) kinder and gentler place to hang out!

  2. Chris...
    This is amazing. This is one to look back on with pride. You made this mess of a book accessible and organized. Somehow you made it better than it has any right to be!! Well done sir!


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