Monday, May 6, 2019

ACW #614 - Superman

Action Comics Weekly #614 (Superman)
"Death Comes Calling..."
Writer - Roger Stern
Pencils - Curt Swan
Inks - Murphy Anderson
Letters - Bill Oakley
Colors - Tom Ziuko
Editor - Mike Carlin

When we closed out last week, I was hopeful that maybe this time out we'd start to get some answers.  Let's find out if all that hopin' was in vain!

Before we get into it, however, I wanna share a recent discovery.  Generally speaking, I consider myself a detail oriented fella... somehow, I missed the fact that something happens between issues #618 and #619 of Action Comics Weekly.  Here, take a look:

So, yeah... the logo scoots over to the left, the issue number and price pops over to the right, and the DC "Bullet" is now partially under the logo itself!

Figure I could half-ass the "branding", or go back to the original "Full Banner" (that is, without transparency) look, buuuuuuut, well... have a look:

Those don't look pretty at all, do they?

So... I had to start at ground-zero, and make up a whole 'nother grip of "branded" trade-dresses.  Took me the better part of an afternoon (and one massive slip up I might talk about another time), but here's what we've got:

And yeah, I created one for Catwoman, even though she won't be seeing her again after this week.  Call me sentimental, call me stupid... just didn't feel right to leave her out.

Here's a look at the first issue with the updated header (which we'll be seeing in around a month:

Hope this was at least a little bit interesting... It's gotta be better than this Superman chapter!


Superman flies to the Hospital where Culpepper is laid up... and catches a dude about to smother him with a pillow.

That's... it?


I've often joked that Superman-day is kinda like my "day off".  I've also joked that I almost feel guilty doing such "light duty" every Monday... but, this?  I mean... this could have been done in two panels, much less two pages.  What an absolute waste!

I've got nothing more to say... I'm sorry!

Tomorrow: The Final Catwomaning!

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