Collected Editions

In an attempt at improving "readability" for the humble blog, I've decided to begin compiling our discussions/reviews into story-arcs.  This way, if you were so inclined, you can read-through in order (just click the cover!)... instead of backwards via Blogger's "newest post first" feature.

This is a work-in-progress... 

Angel Love (1986-1987)

Batman "Nightmare in Crimson" (1982)

Batman "Year Two" (1987)

Batman "Year Three" (1989)

Batman "The Mud Pack" (1989)

Batman "The Many Deaths of the Batman" (1989)

Batman "A Lonely Place of Dying" (1989)

Batman "Dark Knight, Dark City" (1990)

Batman "Close Before Striking" (2001)

Batman and the Outsiders "The Truth About Halo" (1984-1985)

Batman and Robin "The Carrie Kelly Trilogy" (2013)

Batman/Flash: The Button (2017)

Batman/Hellboy/Starman (1999)

Blackest Night: Titans (2009)

Convergence Tie-Ins (2015)

Crisis on Earth-Prime (1982)

Crisis in the Thunderbolt Dimension (1983)

Day of Judgment (1999)

Final Night (1996)

Flash "The Dastardly Death of the Rogues" (2010-2011)

Flash Forward (2019-2020)

Gen¹³ "The Thirteens" (1996)

Genesis (1997)

Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II (1991)

Green Lantern "Emerald Twilight" (1994)

Green Lantern/Flash "Fast Friends?" (1995)

Green Lantern "Hate Crime" (2002)

Green Lantern: Rebirth (2004-2005)

Green Lanterns: "Darkest Nights" (2017)

Justice League America: "A Date With Density" (1989-1990)

Justice League/Justice Society: The Lightning Saga (2007)

Justice League/Justice Society: The Dark Things (2010)

Justice Society of America "The Next Age" (2007)

Justice Society of America "Thy Kingdom Come" (2007-2009)

Lois Lane "When it Rains, God is Crying" (1986)

Millennium (1988)

New Teen Titans/Batman and the Outsiders (1983)

New Teen Titans "The Judas Contract" (1984)

New Titans "Titans Hunt" (1991-1992)

New Titans "Total Chaos" (1992)
 Outsiders "Most Wanted" (2004-2005)

Shazam! The New Beginning (1987)

Spider-Man: The Gathering of Five (1998)

Spider-Man: The Final Chapter (1998)

Spider-Man/X-Force: Sabotage (1991)

Stanley and His Monster (1993)

Starman "Star Shadows" (1992)

Superman "The Supergirl Saga" (1988)

Superman "Dark Knight Over Metropolis" (1990)

Superman "Strange New Visitor" (2004)

Superman "Up, Up, and Away!" (2006)

Superman "Brainiac" (2008)

Superman Reborn (2017)

Teen Titans "Titans: Then & Now" (1997-98)

Titans "Survival" (2000)

Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day (2003)

Tony's Sports Series (1992)

Wild Dog (1987,1989)

Zero Hour: Crisis in Time (1994)

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