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Chris is on Infinite Earths, Episode 37: Big Daddy Danger #1 (2002)

Chris is on Infinite Earths, Episode #37

Big Daddy Danger #1 (October, 2002)
Creator, Writer & Artist - Adam Pollina
Inker - Tyson McAdoo
Colors & Separations - Thomas Chu
Associate Editor - Ivan Cohen
Editor - Mike Carlin
Cover Price: $2.95

Big Daddy Danger, what's that?  Well, it's a little discussed/little known DC Comic about a superhero professional wrestler.  Why are we talking about it?  Well, how else would I be able to shoe-horn a conversation about my own life and times as a professional wrestler... for about six months or so.

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I should probably preface with a slight Trigger Warning... as much as those two words make me kind of cringe.  Around midway through this episode, I tell a story I've never told before.  One that veers into some darker territory, and one that I didn't realize was quite so dark in hindsight until after I'd told it.  I guess saying things "out loud" for the first time can really affect the heaviness of a thing.

The gist of the rest of the episode is just that I was a fanatical professional wresting fan throughout my childhood and adolescence... and went to great lengths to fulfill a dream of actually (briefly) becoming a professional wrestler.  If you're a wrestling fan, or just a fan of stupid stories... this episode will be right up your alley!

Also: Listener Mail, Channel Updates, and of course, Adam Pollina's Big Daddy Danger #1!

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