Sunday, September 26, 2021

Questerday, An EPIC ElfQuest Podcast, Episode 7 - ElfQuest #7 (2/86)

Questerdays, An EPIC ElfQuest Podcast, Episode Seven

Elfquest #7 (February, 1986)
"Voice of the Sun"
By Wendy and Richard Pini
Colors - Glynis Oliver
EPIC Edits - Archie and Jo
EiC - Shooter
Cover Price: 75¢ USD/$1 CAN

Questerdays is back - and today we get a sandwich-type story wherein we learn the value of teamwork!

When the elves work together... nothing can stop them!  Not half-snake/half-cat demons... and not half-horse/half-camel abominations!

We talk more about the generational schism among the elves regarding the curse of Recognition... and also, an almost unhealthy amount about Go-Bots!  It's a great time as always, we hope to see you there!

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