Friday, April 2, 2021

X-Lapsed, Episode 158 - X-Factor #7 (2021)

X-Lapsed, Episode One Hundred Fifty-Eight

X-Factor (vol.4) #7 (April, 2021)
"Suite No. 7: Scientia Vincere Tenebras"
Writer - Leah Williams
Art - David Baldeon
Colors - Israel Silva
Letters - VC's Joe Caramagna
Design - Tom Muller
Head of X - Hickman
Edits - Shannon Andrews-Ballesteros, Jake Thomas, Cebulski
Cover Price: $3.99
On-Sale: February 3, 2021

Lorna's lyin'... everyone's dyin' - just what in the world is goin' on here?

Plus: the mystery surrounding David's original death thickens... could there be two Prodigys... er, Prodigies running around in the 616?!


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  1. I love this version of X-Factor but what the hell is going on with the titles? Too pretentious. It's almost enough to spoil the book.

    I am really enjoying this book. Every character gets a moment every issue so you are slightly more invested each issue.

    As for your question about whether or not Tommy is a mutant. We may be fake-ass comic historians but we cannot be expected to explain the Scarlet Witch's family tree.

    The mystery surrounding Prodigy's death is a lovely little wrinkle. It does make me wonder about many other deaths and resurrections. There has always been a bit of me that wondered about Wolverine dying on the Orchis Forge. Previous stories have had his powers recover from similar explosions. Maybe he's still out there.

    I think X-Factor may be beginning to overtake Marauders as my favourite X-book. It is completely unpredictable.

    Anyway until Northstar stops ruining everyone's day,Make Mine X-Lapsed!


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