Batman Years

In the years following Frank Miller's groundbreaking and arguably character-defining Batman: Year One, DC Comics returned to the well to fill in the readers on the Dark Knight's subsequent early years.  This afforded them the opportunity to inform us all how and when things occurred in the post-Crisis DC Comics landscape.

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"Year Two, Chapter One: Fear the Reaper"
by Mike W. Barr & Alan Davis

A returning (and ultra-violent) Gotham vigilante drives Batman to do the unthinkable... wield a firearm.

"Year Two, Chapter Two: Deal with the Devil"
by Mike W. Barr & Todd McFarlane

Helpless against The Reaper, Batman turns to Gotham's underworld for assistance... 

"Year Two, Chapter Three: Deadly Allies"
by Mike W. Barr & Todd McFarlane

It's like the strangest issue of The Brave and the Bold yet as Batman teams up with... Joe Chill?!

"Year Two, Part Four: ... So Shall Ye Reap..."
by Mike W. Barr & Todd McFarlane

The final face-off with the Reaper (and Joe Chill)!

"Year Three, Part One: Different Roads"
by Marv Wolfman & Pat Broderick

It's a tale of two orphans as we compare and contrast Dick Grayson & Tony Zucco's childhoods.

"Year Three, Part Two: Changes Made"
by Marv Wolfman & Pat Broderick

Revisiting Dick Grayson's first steps into sidekickdom.  Plus, Alfred's got a gun!

"Year Three, Part Three: Turnabout"
by Marv Wolfman & Pat Broderick

Tony Zucco is (briefly) released from prison.

"Year Three, Part Four: Resolutions"
by Marv Wolfman & Pat Broderick

Underworld uprising assuaged.

by Chuck Dixon & Marcos Martin

Batgirl fights Killer Moth as she reflects on her days before donning the cowl.

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