Angel Love

ANGEL LOVE by Barbara Slate (1986-1987)
There's more to her story than just this panel...

Books like Angel Love are part of the reason I started this blog.  I love researching and learning about these odd off-beat books that only serve as a footnote in comics history.  Often forgotten... or only remembered for their bombastic house-ads, books such as this can be relegated to a faint itch in the back of one's mind... rather than a fleshed-out remembrance of some fun (and perhaps corny) comic book stories.  This is another series that received the Cosmic Treadmill Treatment... podcast embedded below.  Below that, you can follow along with the humble blog's nine-part coverage of this very 1980's comic book by Barbara Slate.

Click the links for each full discussion piece.

Angel Love #1 (August, 1986)
by Barbara Slate

Life in the Big City ain't all it's cracked up to be for a young Pennsylvanian cartoonist.  Cockroaches and Cocaine are the watchwords of the day.

Angel Love #2 (September, 1986)
by Barbara Slate

Wendy rescues a sick bird, while Everett's girlfriend raps a sick burn!  And yes, the rest of the Cocaine.

Angel Love #3 (October, 1986)
by Barbara Slate

First appearance of Angel's cartoony-conscience, Halo.  Cindy is pregnant... and Wendy becomes fast friends with Steven Spielberg.

Angel Love #4 (November, 1986)
"Chemistry" by Barbara Slate

Angel wants to dump Mike because they lack chemistry... that is, until Mike dumps her first.  Also, Wendy learns the truth about the Tooth Fairy.

Angel Love #5 (December, 1986)
"the Search for Mary Beth, part I" by Barbara Slate

Things get real, as Angel learns her mother is dying of Leukemia.  She must now turn to her estranged sister Mary Beth for life-saving bone marrow.

Angel Love #6 (January, 1987)
"the Search for Mary Beth, part II" by Barbara Slate

Angel takes out a classified ad to find her sister... with promises of a huge inheritance.  This works out about as well as you might imagine.

Angel Love #7 (February, 1987)
"the Search for Mary Beth, part III" by Barbara Slate

Angel discovers that her sister changed her name and became a politician... and Wendy bombs an audition.

Angel Love #8 (March, 1987)
"I know it's you, Mary Beth" by Barbara Slate

Mary Beth ain't digging Angel's advances... which leads to a meeting at gunpoint.  Wendy celebrates her acting talents with Orange Juice.

Angel Love Special #1 (1987)
"Dark Revelations!" by Barbara Slate

The not-so-shocking conclusion.

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