Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 012 - X-Men #8 (1964)

The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode Twelve

X-Men #8 (November, 1964)
"The Uncanny Threat of... Unus the Untouchable!"
Writer/Edits - Stan Lee
Pencils - Jack Kirby
Inks - Chic Stone
Letters - S. Rosen
Colors - ______!
Cover Price: 12¢

In which an X-Man threatens to quit the team and our heroes face off against a Brand-New (somewhat) Evil Mutant!  It's just another day in the neighborhood for the World's Strangest Teen-Agers!

Also: The first time where we see them being "Feared and/or Hated"!  A seminal issue, indeed!

All that plus - Letters Page Goodness, prehistoric Bullpen Bulletins, and Mailbag!

Special Note: There is a bit of a... temporal distortion in the middle of this episode.  I can't really explain it... but I couldn't scrub it out of my recording.  Apologies in advance for any confusion... we probably should just forget it ever happened.


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