Saturday, February 6, 2021

From Claremont to Claremont, Episode 1f - Wolverine #47 (1991)

From Claremont to Claremont: An X-Men Podcast
Episode 1F

Wolverine (vol.2) #47 (October, 1991)
"Dog Day"
Script - Larry Hama
Pencils - Gerald DeCaire
Inks - Don Hudson
Letters - Pat Brosseau
Colors - Glynis Oliver
Editor - Bob Harras
Chief - Tom DeFalco
Cover Price: $1.75

His story MUST be told.

Friends, today Joe Crawford (@IowasJoe) and I will share with you: the Life and Times of Tracykins.  It's a story of gettin' stupid, size-shifting pistols, and rabid dogs - you WON'T wanna miss it.  It'll change yer life... we promise.

Oh, Wolverine's here too... so, there's that!


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