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We are open for business and would love to hear your requests.  We will discuss, analyze, voice-act, and overall ruin any comic from any publisher... from any time.  Please send requests to or via Twitter @reggiereggie and/or @acecomics

Episode #32 - March 26, 2017
Defenders #1
By - Steve Englehart & Sal Buscema
Marvel Comics
Requested by Ryan Douglas
We conclude our month-long tour through Marvel Comics with The Defenders #1 from 1972--the fourth or fifth appearance of the team! They'll describe every moment of the issue and discuss other iterations of the Defenders team, and go through the usual creator biographies--but stay tuned, comics enthusiasts, because the real story is in the writer, Steve Englehart! It's an episode full of laughs and gasps, you won't want to miss it!

* * * 

Episode #31 - March 19, 2017
Incredible Hulk #181
By - Len Wein & Herb Trimpe
Marvel Comics
Requested by Branden Murray
Grab a bowl of poutine and put on your heavy coat when we head into woodsy Canada and read the Incredible Hulk #181 from 1974! After some biographical information about creators and industry giants Len Wein and Herb Trimpe, we go through every crushing blow and...soul-swapping magic spell of this comic book. Then, we provide a detailed background of the sensational character find of 1974, Wolverine! We're the best at what we do, and what we do is...hopefully nice! Enjoy!


Episode #30 - March 12, 2017
Generation X #1
By - Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo
Marvel Comics
Requested by Andrew in Belfast
In this episode, the mutant kids will have their say when we read Marvel Comics' Generation X #1 from 1994! They provide some detailed biographies of the creators Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo, and then try to pick apart the complex web of events that are 1990s and early 2000s X-Men comic books. Then, our muties talk about other youth-based comic book teams. Tell your parents you're not following their rules and pull the posters from your bedroom walls, because we're talkin' 'bout my Generation X!


Episode #29 - March 5, 2017
Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1
By - Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber
Marvel Comics
Requested by LJ Hollywood
Comics investigators Chris and Reggie dive into the seedy underbelly of the Marvel Comics Universe when they detail the nefarious doings of The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1 by Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber! After some creator biographies, including Nick's political past--and present!--our duo go through the entire issue, providing background information on every character. Then they discuss other "unlikely" superhero and supervillain teams in comics history! Plug in your headphones and keep this on the D.L.--this episode is a heist!

Episode #28 - February 26, 2017
WildC.A.T.S: Covert Action Teams #1
By - Jim Lee and Brandon Choi
Image Comics
Requested by V. Ken Marion
The treadmill goes explosively covert when we read the first issue of WildC.A.T.s Covert Action Teams by Brandon Choi and Jim Lee! We go through every blessed panel of this Image Comics launch title from 1992, and detail Jim Lee's storied career from his rejection letters to becoming co-publisher of DC Comics. The fellas also discuss other volumes in the WildC.A.T.s series and its curious mainstream popularity in the mid-1990s. So pull on your draping face-masks for a high energy, gut-blasting episode...of secrecy!

Episode #27 - February 12, 2017
Flash (vol.2) #0
Writer - Mark Waid
Artist - Mike Wieringo
DC Comics
Requested by Bryan Trevitt
Join us on another Crisis-inspired jaunt through speedster history when we read Flash vol. 2 #0 by Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo! After some biographical details about the creative team, we delve into the issue proper and discover the truth about what inspired Wally West to become the Flash! Then, after some notable quotables from Mr. Waid himself, Chris and Reggie talk about legacy characters in comic books--what they think about them and why publishers never seem to let them stick around! It's a wild romp of an episode that will take you all over the...time!

Episode #26 - January 29, 2017
Boris the Bear #1 (July, 1986)
Writers - Mike Richardson, Randy Stradley
Artist - James Dean Smith
Dark Horse Comics
Requested by Joe Crawford
Chris and Reggie take a trip through comicdom's murky, finger-stained past to read Boris the Bear #1 from 1986! They'll describe every gory detail of the book, then attempt to put the comic in context by detailing the post-TMNT black & white comic book explosion! All that and a few creator bios. Turn off your Care Bear stare while listening to this episode!

Episode #25 - January 22, 2017
Teen Titans Medley
The Brave and the Bold #54 (July, 1964)
Writer - Bob Haney
Artist - Bruno Premiani
New Teen Titans #38 (January, 1984)
Tales of the Teen Titans Annual #3 (July, 1984)
Writer - Marv Wolfman
Artist - George Perez
DC Comics
This week we present episodes previously recorded as part of the podcast--two of which are of unique personal interest to Chris! We've got the first appearance of the Teen Titans in Brave and the Bold #54 (1964), then Who is Donna Troy? from New Teen Titans #38 (1984), and finally Tales of the Teen Titans Annual #3 (1984) which also includes an overview of the landmark story The Judas Contract and some details about the character Tara "Terra" Markov! It's a Titan-riffic episode--and it's longer than most, so bring plenty of snacks before listening to this one!
     The Life and Times of Tara Markov
     Who is Donna Troy?

Episode #24 - January 15, 2017
Spectacular Spider-Man #226 (July, 1995)
Writer - Tom DeFalco
Artist - Sal Buscema
Marvel Comics
Requested by Christian Faulds
It's a mind-bending episode as Chris (@AceComics) and Reggie (@reggiereggie) read through issue 226 of Spectacular Spider-Man and try to untangle the mysteries of Spider-Man's Clone Saga! After some creator bios and back story, they do their best to detail the events of the Clone Saga and the drama behind the scenes that nearly spun it out of control. Plus: Spidercide, for no particular reason! You'll want to have your Carrion Virus to hand for this one. 

Episode #23 - January 1, 2017
Batman #681 (December, 2008)
Writer - Grant Morrison
Artist - Tony S. Daniel
DC Comics
Requested by Matches Balone
 As requested by esteemed comics enthusiast Matches Balone, Chris (@AceComics) and Reggie (@reggiereggie) read Batman #681 from 2008! They give some details on writer Grant Morrison and penciller Tony S. Daniel, and provide a synopsis of the entire Morrison run on Batman that led to this issue--and beyond! They also speculate on the true identity of Batman's nemesis Doctor Simon Hurt, a character we may never see again. Join us for the monumental death of Batman...then his resurrection, then his death again, and another resurrection!

Episode #22 - December 18, 2016
Youngblood #1 (April, 1992)
Story & Art - Rob Liefeld
Script - Hank Kanalz
Image Comics
In this episode, Chris (@AceComics) and Reggie (@reggiereggie) dip into the best example of the comic book industry's EXTREME! period and read Youngblood #1 by Rob Liefeld! Both stories in this flip book get dissected, examined and voiced by the diligent Cosmic Treadmill team, even the parts that they didn't understand. They also detail the life and times of Rob Liefeld, and provide a complete history of the Youngblood property, from its first secret sighting that precedes this issue, all the way up! It's gonna be a teeth-gritting, air-squatting trip back to those aggressive 1990s.

Episode #21 - December 4, 2016
Superman's GirlFriend Lois Lane #106
Writer - Robert Kanigher
Artists - Werner Roth & Vince Colletta
DC Comics
Requested by Toby Hagen
By special request of Toby Hagen from, Chris (@AceComics) and Reggie (@reggiereggie) read Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #106 cover dated November, 1970, a story titled "I Am Curious (Black)!" In the comic book, Lois Lane turns African-American for 24 hours, and in the podcast, Chris and Reggie fumble through the issue and a partial history of black representation in comics. It's unclear as to which one is more cringe-worthy!


Episode #20 - November 20, 2016

Fantastic Four #293 (with 294-295)
Writers - John Byrne & Roger Stern
Artists - John Byrne & Jerry Ordway
Marvel Comics
Requested by Toby Reid
Welcome to our first episode unhitched from the main Weird Science DC Comics Podcast, which will run every other Sundayuntil every single comic book in the world is read! This week Chris (@AceComics) and Reggie (@reggiereggie) detail Fantastic Four #293 (August 1986), requested by listener Toby Reid, and talk about the following two issues to complete the story arc. There's also creator bios, and an explanation as to why one creator started this arc, but another creative team completed it! It's sure to be...Fantastic! Four!

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