Chris and Reggie’s Cosmic Treadmill, Episode 70: Christmas With the Superheroes #1 (1988)

Chris and Reggie’s Cosmic Treadmill, Episode #70

Christmas With the Superheroes #1 (1988)
“Wanted: Santa Claus – Dead or Alive!”
“The Man Who Murdered Santa Claus!”
“The TT’s Swingin’ Christmas Carol!”
“Star Light, Star Bright… Farthest Star I See Tonight!”
“Twas the Fright Before Christmas!”
“The Silent Night of the Batman”
Writers – Denny O’Neil, Len Wein, Bob Haney, Paul Levitz, E. Nelson Bridwell & Mike Friedrich
Pencillers – Frank Miller, Dick Dillon, Nick Cardy, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Curt Swan & Neal Adams
Inkers – Steve Mitchell, Dick Giordano & Murphy Anderson
Letterers – Ben Oda
Colorists – Glenn Whitmore, Helen Vesik & Jerry Serpe
Editors – Len Wein, Julius Schwartz
Cover Price: $2.95

Keeping our Christmas on Infinite Earths… in July festivities rolling along, today I’m sharing Reggie and my first Holiday special… DC Comics’ Christmas With the Superheroes #1 from 1988.


This was one of our longer episodes… as we were looking at like skatey-eight hundred creators and a half-dozen stories.  This was also my longest ever blog post to that point… and, actually, it very well still might be!  I still haven’t published that “full-length” Bizarro World piece yet, so I think this one still might take the length-crown!

With that said… Just as with yesterday, if podcasts ain’t your thing, there is a text-n-pics variation on this discussion that you can check out if you decide to click the cover below!  While you’re at it, you might wanna check out my discussion of Christmas With the Superheroes #2 (1989)!

One thought on “Chris and Reggie’s Cosmic Treadmill, Episode 70: Christmas With the Superheroes #1 (1988)

  • Wow. The introductions of the creators was a show in itself. Great episode.

    I always lover the wraparound cover to this issue. Seeing Robin with one bare foot on the front cover made me think it was a coloring mistake. But when I truned it over and saw the fireplace with all the boots hanging from it it all made sense.

    Merry CHRIStmas to you.


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