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NML Crossing, Episode 084 – Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #121 (1999)

NML Crossing, Episode Eighty-Four

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #121 (September, 1999)
“Power Play”
Writer – Larry Hama
Pencils – Rick Burchett
Inks – James Hodgkins
Colors – Felix Gerrano
Letters – Bill Oakley
Edits – Illidge, O’Neil
Cover Price: $1.99

In what is quite possibly the worst chapter of No Man’s Land to date, we get a generic… and odd-banter-filled… battle between Batman and Mister Freeze, in which – get this – our titular hero blows up the Gotham City Power Plant! It’s an odd and awful little ditty… join me, won’t you?

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One thought on “NML Crossing, Episode 084 – Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #121 (1999)

  • There is a reason why this story was left out of the novelization. It is possibly the most unnecessary story yet. It is just an excuse to get one of Batman’s well known villains into a story where he was the main antagonist. I’m just glad this was just a single issue and not more drawn out.

    But speaking of the novelization, I finished it. It was a good read, and I recommend it to anyone who can’t get enough of No Man’s Land. Very few contradictions between the novel and the comics. And speaking of people who can’t get enough of No Man’s Land, I discovered the No Man’s Land “Junior novelization” written by Alan Grant exists. So I had to buy it. Tiny book, only about 150 pages. I’m going to give it a read over the weekend. Unfortunately in flipping through it i saw a chapter entitled “Scratch”, so I think it features Nicholas Scratch. Oh well, at least I didn’t see a chapter entitled “Mr. Freeze”.


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