ACW #620 – Deadman

Action Comics Weekly #620 (Deadman)
“Part 3”
Writer – Mike Baron
Pencils – Kelley Jones
Inks – Tony DeZuniga
Letters – Albert DeGuzman
Colors – Daniel Vozzo
Editor – Barbara Kesel

Welcome to the penultimate Deadman chapter… before a one-week intermission (?)  Well, that’s kinda weird.  Looks like two-weeks from now, we’ll be getting a one-shot Starman feature in its place… so, look forward to that!

We resume our conversation between Deadman-as-Clara and Madame Waxahachie.  If you recall as we closed out last week, the Brogden Twins have been nabbed by Wellman Legros’ zombie horde… for reasons we’re about to learn a bit more about.  The zombie Police Officer that Deadman “rode in” still lays motionless on the ground, with that blade embedded in his gut.  Waxahachie calls in a fella named Uncle Estes to watch over the children while she and “Clara” try and track down the Twins.

Deadman and the Madame head out into town… and, get this, there are like a whole lotta zombies just shambling through the streets!  Deadman finds this odd, but Waxahachie quite matter-of-factly explains that most passersby just assume the zombies are derelicts or junkies, and don’t pay them much mind.  She further explains that many years ago, a pair of twins were able to rouse the undead… so, that might just be what Legros has in mind for the Brodgens.  Oh!  We also learn that it’s actually daytime in New Orleans… so, disregard the dark skies.

They follow the zombie parade into the Garden District where they assemble near a tall wooden gate.  Deadman body-hops into a random zombie so he can “attend” whatever meeting they’re about to have.  He finds the new undead bod to be a bit stiff, but controllable.

Before long, Wellman Legros addresses the horde… welcoming them to his “Army of the Undead”.  Behind him hangs a wooden cage, inside that cage… Lisa and Letritia, the Brogden Twins.  “Perfect Twins”, much the same as the Ioa, through which “Bon Dieu” will speak.  “Bon Dieu” is French for “Good Lord”, so I guess Legros is trying to communicate with a God?  Fair enough!

By now, Deadman has heard enough… he vacates the zom-bod, and hops into Legros himself!  No sooner does he get control, than the Brogden Twins order the horde to “tear Wellman Legros to pieces”!  Uh-oh!

This one’s turning out pretty cool!

I’m a bit dubious that everyone in New Orleans mistakes zombies for junkies, but I suppose we can allow it.  It might be sort of a “conscious” thing for the Louisianans.  Maybe it’s like… if you don’t wanna see any zombies, then you just don’t see any zombies?  Whatever the case, I think we can work with it.

I appreciate Deadman being able to occupy that random zombie.  This illustrates how powerful Wellman Legros’ power of suggestion is.  Since Boston wasn’t able to maintain any real measure of control over the Officer last chapter, I wasn’t sure if zombies were just “off-limits” overall.  Looks like that’s not exactly the case.

We get a pretty good cliffhanger here.  Perhaps a bit too similar to the one we got in the opening chapter for this arc, but still exciting… and makes me wanna check back next week to see how it all plays out.

Overall, still really digging this and I’m looking forward to more.  The art still rules, and I’m enjoying all of the characters.

Tomorrow: Belt-Off Black-Hawk

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