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NML Crossing, Episode 082 – Detective Comics #735 (1999)

NML Crossing, Episode Eighty-Two

Detective Comics #735 (August, 1999)
“Fruit of the Earth, Part 3”
Writer – Greg Rucka
Art – Dan Jurgens & Bill Sienkiewicz
Colors – Noelle Giddings & Wildstorm
Letters – John Costanza
Edits – Illidge, Vincenzo, O’Neil
Cover Price: $1.99

Wrapping up Fruit of the Earth with a big ol’ fight scene… that seems to end just as quickly as it begins! We get some answers as to what Batman had hidden in that cooler, and Commissioner Gordon decides to dissolve his association with his Two-Faced vigilante!

The Bada-Bin!

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One thought on “NML Crossing, Episode 082 – Detective Comics #735 (1999)

  • Well Clayface certainly had the tables turned on him. Ivy is definitely justified in her actions. Don’t mess with Mother Nature. Maybe it’s just me but I get a strong feeling of domestic violence from this story. Clayface is the abusive boyfriend, Ivy is the abused woman trying to protect her children from her abuser. And she finally gets away from her abuser and enacts her retribution on him. I think if this were written today that would have been more front and center in this story.

    I’m never certain when it comes to Ivy, but was this the beginning of her turn toward being an anti-hero and defender of the green?

    The scene between Gordon and Two-Face in the garden almost mirrors the scene between Gordon and Batman. Gordon sent Batman away in a rage and Two-Face tells Gordon he can’t get rid of him. Batman offered a return to a partnership and told Gordon he couldn’t trust Two-Face. While Two-Face proves that he couldn’t be trusted in the first place. Gordon’s garden certainly has a lot of important scenes that take place in it.

    The appearance of Bane and “Ms. White” signifies the beginning of the end for the No Man’s Land. To quote Dr Strange (from a movie you’ve never scene so you really wont get the quote) “We’re in the Endgame now.”

    Happy vacationing.


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