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NML Crossing, Episode 081 – Batman #568 (1999)

NML Crossing, Episode Eighty-One

Batman #568 (August, 1999)
“Fruit of the Earth, Part Two”
Writer – Greg Rucka
Art – Dan Jurgens & Bill Sienkiewicz
Colors – Noelle Giddings & Wildstorm
Letters – John Costanza
Edits – Illidge, Vincenzo, O’Neil
Cover Price: $1.99

After your humble host rambles on (and on) about his ongoing ocular challenges, we discuss the middle chapter of Fruit of the Earth, wherein Batman and Poison Ivy form an uneasy alliance against the terror of Clayface. We also get more GCPD Wolfpac drama from our friends Petit and Foley… who might just have a third member (but who’s side is she on?!)

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2 thoughts on “NML Crossing, Episode 081 – Batman #568 (1999)

  • An good middle chapter for a story I’m not excited about. I can never remember when Poison Ivy became a plant elemental. Her being half plant and half human makes her something of a Swamp Thing knock off.

    Huntress joining Pettit and his Wolfpac fits her. She wasn’t able to do things Batman’s way, and Pettit could things Gordon’s way. Even though Jim is mad at Batman they are still at their core the same. They are protectors, while Pettit and Huntress have made it apparent that they are soldiers. I just hope that now that Huntress has joined the Wolfpac she doesn’t start painting her face red.

    I’m interested in the contents of the case. What could Batman have possibly hidden in that satellite Batcave that would be important to him now?

  • Sorry to hear about your ocular troubles. I hope you find a solution that works soon!

    I, too, have worn contacts in the past but never jived with them. Even the two or one week ones of soft lenses that are supposed to be more comfortable always ended up irritating my eyes throughout the day (even on the first day or so, meaning it’s not because they were old).

    Not being able to read anything, especially comics, is one of my bigger fears, so I wish you the best of luck in finding a way to help your eyes and head so you can continue enjoying this awesome medium (and other things too, of course)!


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