NML Crossing

NML Crossing, Episode 058 – Batman: Shadow of the Bat #85 (1999)

NML Crossing, Episode Fifty-Eight

Batman: Shadow of the Bat #85 (May, 1999)
“Bread and Circuses, Conclusion”
Writer – Ian Edginton
Art – D’Israeli
Letters – John Costanza
Colors – D’Israeli & Digital Chameleon
Edits – Illidge, Gorfinkel, O’Neil
Cover Price: $1.99

In which Batman cracks some Penguin-Goon skulls… and Commissioner Gordon makes a deal with the devil?!

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2 thoughts on “NML Crossing, Episode 058 – Batman: Shadow of the Bat #85 (1999)

  • In the days before No Man’s Land Gordon had the Batman to do what the GCPD couldn’t. Now in the No Man’s Land he has fallen into the same pattern and has a new mysterious party who is doing what the GCPD can’t do. But it doesn’t seem like Gordon is happy with the new partner.

    Batman made his bold move and now has Rhino as his proxy in the Ventriloquist’s old territory and Penguin as his proxy in Penguin’s territory. It seems to be easy for Batman to defeat his old villains, but harder for him to win over the faith of the people. Batman is still playing by his pre No Man’s Land rules, and is discovering that the game may have changed more than he understands.

    This short 2 issue arc didn’t leave me feeling like I got less story from 2 fewer issues. It had very much the same impact as the first 2 arcs. It advanced the story nicely. I can’t say I’ve been disappointed in a single issue of No Man’s Land so far. (And no, I’m not counting Azrael.)

  • 1) You had mentioned that so far the Batman parts are good but the generally the least compelling parts of NML: Gordon and Huntress having more interesting moments, for example. I agree with this statement, even (based on my memory) for the crossover as a whole.

    I don’t think that’s a negative thing, since I love the stuff they do with Gordon, Huntress and others.

    But it reminds me of The Death/Reign/Return of Superman which also was a great story that focused more on the new Supermen and Superman’s supporting cast than Superman himself.

    2) I too share your struggles with video tutorials on how to digitally draw with Adobe or other tools. Every couple years, I try to learn how to draw and color digitally but I’ve only made minor progress, partly because of my own time commitment and effort, yes, but also largely because I haven’t found a good resource to help me.

    3) I love Huntress’s journey in NML, but it made me realize I don’t really know what happened to her after NML (until New 52 changed things, which I know something about the new version). I guess that’s a rabbit hole I’ll have to dig into.

    4) I don’t remember for sure, but I do have a gut instinct that the villain Gordon makes a deal with is Two Face. I think the joke allusions in the previous issue are red herrings – although I do remember Joker being pivotal at the end of NML, I don’t think it’s because of a deal with Gordon. Two Face had a larger role than Joker, IIRC, so that’s part of why I’m leaning towards Two-Face being the villain.

    Of course, with the “Justice is served” language, maybe Marvel’s Scourge made it through that same portal the Star brand did!


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