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Cosmic Treadmill Presents… Comix Tawk, Episode 10: “Comic Scenes We Love!”

Cosmic Treadmill Presents… Comix Tawk, Episode #10
“Comic Scenes We Love!”

Flipping the script on our usual “Negative Nellie” Comix Tawk outings, this time out Reggie and I decided to focus on the positive… and discuss some of our very favorite scenes in all of comics.

It’s nice to sometimes remember why we still buy these things, right?

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Hindsight’s a helluva thing, innit?  I relistened to this episode as I was sifting through all of the old Patreon Exclusives… just ensuring there wasn’t too much in the way of profanity, and that the audio quality was there… and, man… I wish we did more shows like this one.

Being positive… and passionate about this industry that, if we’re being honest, we don’t really understand the machinations of… outside of the intrinsic capitalist qualities of “sell books, make money… sell more books, make more money”.  It’s nice to sometimes take off that “analyst” hat, and just allow ourselves to, I dunno… “bask” in our fandom.  Just lose ourselves in what makes/made us happy about this silliness in the first place.

Unfortunately, this is the internet… where outrage and “hot takes” are usually what folks are looking for.  We’re an angry fandom… and, anger… like misery, loves company.  We really should have done more episodes like this, where we celebrate what we have/had, rather than focusing on our anger over what we perceive we might’ve lost.

If you were getting fatigued over the more cynical Comix Tawk episodes… this one might be a breath of fresh(er) air!

One thought on “Cosmic Treadmill Presents… Comix Tawk, Episode 10: “Comic Scenes We Love!”

  • I just loved that diner scene from Tales of the Teen Titans 55. It really showed Slade Wilson, the MAN as opposed to Deathstroke, the faceless villain. It was such an excellent idea of Marv's to never use him as a Titans villain again. When next Deathstroke appeared it was in Titans Hunt and he was there to save the Titans.

    For me my favorite scene is from Tales of the Teen Titans #50, the wedding of Donna Troy. This is my absolute most favorite issue ever. The scene I love the most is the 2 pages of interaction between Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne. It really cemented the fact that Dick was now an adult. No longer a Boy Wonder or even Teen Wonder. He was a man and had earned the respect of his father figure. It also showed the love Bruce had for Dick as a son. They werent just partners, they were family. And the notion of family was the underlying theme of this whole issue.

    Plus Donna in the little white Greecian outfit from the plane was soooooooooooooo hot to a 13 year old me.


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