Sheehan Titans

Sheehan Titans, Episode 3 – Nightwing #103

Sheehan Titans, Episode Three – Nightwing (v.4) #103 (2023)

Taking a look at the penultimate chapter of our Dawn of DC Titans “pre-req” story arc.  During which, your humble host can’t help to fumble and stumble over his words as he attempts to adequately describe and define why this storyline feels like a “real” Titans story… and how it has the nebulous quality of “heart”.  It’s a(nother) half-hour of me rambling is what I’m trying to say — join me, won’t you?

Are you a Titans fan, Titans curious, or Titans-Lapsed?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this story and new-old direction for the fan-favorite team!

2 thoughts on “Sheehan Titans, Episode 3 – Nightwing #103

  • You said “penultimate”. Now this feels like the Chris-content I love so much.
    Hey look at that, not only did you post 3 days in a row but I’ve listened to a podcast 3 days in a row too. Maybe this old dog can learn some new tricks.
    I guess we now know where all the old Gateway computers went when they died. The only thing that could have made that scene better for me would have been some sort of dial-up sound effect when Vic was logging in.
    The training scenes on “Paradise Island” ( I’m old so I can call it that) made me think of the training of Kara Zor-El when she was reintroduced in Superman/Batman.
    Just mentioning Blaze and Satanus makes me long for Aan Grant’s Demon run. Ahhh memories.
    If child protective services moves that fast, then a trip to the DMV must be over in seconds there.
    Gotta say I’m into this story and into the podcast. You made a nice companion on the ride home from work today. Looking forward to listening again tomorrow.

    • Ha! Penultimate is definitely one’a dem words I lean into!

      You’re right about the Kara Zor-El training in those early-ish Superman/Batman issues… I didn’t connect the dots in my mind, but this was quite reminiscent of that. I ought to revisit those issues one’a these days… the first time around, I had a weird knee-jerk reaction to them… since it meant that the Supergirl that Peter David had been writing was going to be shunted into limbo (or worse).

      Thank you so much for checking out the show… beyond pleased to hear you’re enjoying it! Putting the finishing touches on Episode 4 right now — just about to hit record!


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