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Sheehan Titans, Episode 2 – Nightwing #102

Sheehan Titans, Episode Two – Nightwing #102 (May, 2023)

In which your humble host’s inner comics cynic takes a good, hard look in the mirror!

Taking a look at Part 2 of the Dawn of DC Titans “pre-req” story, and having an uncharacteristically great time with it!  Listen to me stammer on and on about how this feels like a “genuine Titans story”, without being able to actually put into words what a “genuine Titans story” ought to feel like!  I guess it’s just one’a those things where ya know it when ya see it!

Are you currently reading, catching up on, or lapsed on the Titans?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Sheehan Titans, Episode 2 – Nightwing #102

  • Did you really say that comics are now $5.00 for a regular monthly book?
    By the way, 2 Sheehan Titans podcasts in and I’ve listened to both of them. This may be habit forming.
    Gotta say your rambles and sidetracks from the written script are the highlights for me. Sorta feels like a conversation about comics and not just an audio version of the printed format. I find myself getting more out of the podcast then from the blog. And I’m a read over listen guy.

    I’m wondering if this is written as an homage to the Wolfman/Perez Titans. The fact that it “feels like a Titans story” makes me think it is written from a point of nostalgia for the writer.

    I’m trying to view this as how someone who has never read a Titans stoy before would see it. And I’m not even sure if people with no exposure to comics from the past even start reading comics now a days. But I think that it needs to stand on its own without any nostalgia influencing it. The great thing about reading comics in the Golden Age and Silver Age was that there was constantly a new group of 8 to 12 year old boys getting into comics. So any stoy from 1954 didn’t need to be read to understand an issue from 1967. The continuity didn’t matter only the story you were reading at the time. So even though we have been conditioned to believe everything needs to matter, maybe it doesn’t. Continuity be damned, let’s just enjoy this story on its own like the 10 year olds we used to be.

    • Yup — this is a $4.99 book (SO MANY of them are right now)! I was pretty shocked when I realized it, since I bought the lot of ’em during a Free Comic Book Day weekend buck-a-book sale. I mean, they DO include a decent-sized back-up feature… but, like I said on the show, I’d happily do without it if they dropped the book a buck.

      I’m very happy to hear you’re enjoying the show, rambly tangents and all! If I were to describe my podcasting “talent” in one word, it’d probably be “tangent”.

      For anyone who’s never read a Titans story, I think this’s probably as close to an ideal “gateway” issue/arc for them to get acquainted. It’s Nightwing’s book… and although it’s a Titans story, the non-Nightwing characters are very much in “supporting roles”. Though, that certainly doesn’t account for my/our potential nostalgia-bias. Without the nostalgia… I’d LIKE to think that a Titans rookie could get something out of this too.

      I’ll never not be a “continuity guy”, but I think I’m learning to appreciate this nebulous “a la carte” approach to it. It’s not like a New-52! where we’re told nothing we thought we knew actually happened (unless you’re Batman)… and it’s not the old Marvel “everything you thought you knew… was wrong… because our editors forgot to come to work for the past several months”.

      I’m cool with them not directly addressing “inconvenient” bits of the canon… without outright contradicting it. Comics have done that sort of thing forever… not sure why it ever went out of fashion!

      Thanks again for listening — there’s more to come!


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