Sheehan Titans

Sheehan Titans, Episode 5 – Titans #1 (2023)

Sheehan Titans, Episode Five – Titans (vol.4) #1 (July, 2023)

With our four-part primer out of the way, we have finally arrived at the Dawn of DC Titans #1… which starts off with a (literal) BANG!

Our heroes have their first “official” outing as a unit, have a run in with an unsavory agent, and lay the first brick in what looks to be quite the little mystery story!

Are you a Titans fan, Titans-curious, or Titans Lapsed?  If so, I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this new Dawn of DC direction!

2 thoughts on “Sheehan Titans, Episode 5 – Titans #1 (2023)

  • Well they set up some nice mysteries so far. Is Wally dead? Who shot him? Why did he need the Cosmic Treadmill? I think I’m willing to stick around to find out.
    I was surprised that there was no mention of Ravens cryptic “something missing” that Blaze spoke of at the end of Nightwing #104. I was sure the first arc was going to be a Raven/Trigon story.
    The inclusion of an editor’s note on Beast Boy’s eye was kinda unexpected. I didnt know they still did that sort of thing. I know an editor’s note on the whole “Nightwing is awesome” thing would have been appreciated in 104.
    I finally found out why Far had the eye patch too. Deathstroke did indeed shoot him in the face, damaging his eye during Dark Crisis. Now to just wait to find out how it was fixed.
    Since the second issue isn’t out yet I don’t know if your posting anything tomorrow, so I will just anxiously await your next outing.

    • I was DEFINITELY expecting a bit more on the “Raven’s missing piece” part of the story. Maybe they’re bucking the Titans trend and are saving the inevitable Trigon arc for the second trade? I’d be okay with that… as, I feel like every time the Titans come back together, we go through the same handful of stories before the book gets canned. It usually goes something like: Trigon -> Deathstroke -> Traitor -> Reboot.

      We totally called Deathstroke being involved in Gar’s missing eye! I mean, who else COULD have done it, right? I really hope the first year of this book (assuming this run goes longer than a year in the first place) is Deathstroke-free. The scene with Tempest… I dunno… made me think he might be working with Slade… though, I hope that’s just me mistakenly invoking “Occomics Razor”.

      Since I didn’t post an episode 6 yesterday, it’s probably obvious that I decided against covering Cyborg (at least for now). Book just wasn’t for me… read it twice hoping that the second time would change my tune… but, it didn’t. I don’t want this little project to turn into an X-Lapsed style slog, where I’m covering EVERYTHING, but only really enjoying 10-15% of the books I’m spending all this time with.


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