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Sheehan Titans, Episode 1 – Nightwing #101

Sheehan Titans, Episode One – Nightwing (vol.4) #101 (April, 2023)

Long time, no see!

Welcome to brand-new awkwardly-titled Lapsed-Type-Thing, wherein your humble host attempts to regain his footing on another once-loved property he’d abandoned – The Titans!

Today, after a brief pre-ramble, we will discuss the first post-Dawn of DC issue of Nightwing (#101), along with the epilogue portion from Nightwing #100 while trying to reconcile who and what these characters are and how we got here!

Are you reading the newest Titans volume?  If so, did you also read this arc in Nightwing?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Sheehan Titans, Episode 1 – Nightwing #101

  • Hey look at that I actually listened to a podcast. I read the printed article and had some time to kill so I figured “why not”. Good show.

    So having not read any New 52 Titans books, but having read alot about them, I just want to say that at that time I feel that DC editorial felt that the individual Titans characters from Marv & Geroge’s team were worth more as individuals than they were as a team. This story makes me feel like they now realize that they are worth more as a team than as individuals. I just hope this isn’t just a nostalgia trap for lapsed 80’s Titans fans.

    I have no knowledge of why Beast Boy has an eyepatch, but if I had to guess I’m going with something to do with Deathstroke.

    • Hey! Thanks so much for checking out the show, Chris! So happy you dug it!

      I think you’re right about the Marv/George team around the launch of The New-52! “Their” Titans were scattered to the winds (those that actually managed to make the jump, anyway!) We didn’t have Wally or Donna for the longest time… Starfire was hooked up with Red Hood and Arsenal… Beast Boy was red and hanging out with some WildStorm characters… and Cyborg was shoved into a founding role with the Justice League.

      I remember the Titans being one of the major mess-ups during that first year… resulting in many trade paperback collections having to “correct mistakes” from the monthly issues having to do with the Titans. What a disaster that all was… totally missed the point of what made the team special in the first place. DC didn’t see them as anything other than “properties” at that point (which, I suppose is their right).

      I’m pretty optimistic that this is going to be MORE than just a nostalgia trip… though, I’ve been wrong more times than right when it comes to contemporary comics! Something tells me, however, that THIS TIME they’ve actually got a plan.

      When I saw Beast Boy’s patch… the FIRST thing that went through my mind was: Yup, that’s almost definitely Deathstroke related! I’ll have to do some digging to confirm/deny that though!

      Thanks again, brother!


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