Weird Dose of X

Weird Dose of X, Episode 3: Dawn of X, Part 2

Weird Dose of X, Episode Three

Dawn of X, Part Two

For your third Weird Dose, weirdoes Jason and Chris finally stay on task long enough to power their way through the remaining Dawn of X books! This is a “Giant-Size” episode, but chock full of relevant (and maybe some retroactively not-so-relevant) nuggets of Krakoan Knowledge! Titles covered include: Marauders, Excalibur (vol.4), X-Force (vol.6), New Mutants (vol.4), Fallen Angels (vol.2), X-Men+Fantastic Four, Empyre: X-Men, Juggernaut (vol.3), Giant-Size X-Men (one-shots), Wolverine (vol.7), Cable (vol.4), Hellions, and X-Factor (vol.4) — if you want us to dig any deeper into any of these series’, please don’t hesitate to let us know! As always, those deeper dives are already waiting for you on X-Lapsed over at or!

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