Angel Love #7 (1987)

Angel Love #7 (February, 1987)

“the search for Mary Beth, part III”
Creator/Writer/Penciller – Barbara Slate
Inker – John Wm. Lopez
Letterer – Bill Yoshida
Colorist – Bob Le Rose
Editor – Karen Berger

Here we go, the penultimate issue of the Angel Love series proper.  Will our leading lady locate her sister in time to save her mother’s life?  Let’s find out together.

We open with Angel making her daily call to her hard-boiled detective buddy Levy… who still hasn’t the foggiest idea where Mary Beth may be.  He suggests that Angel pack up her stuff and high-tail it back to Scranton.  Ya see, this city’s too tough for dames like her!

As she hangs up my girl Wendy pops in.  She’s got an audition… and you’ll never guess for who.  C’mon, guess… Nah, you’ll never guess it’s the most famous famous producer in all of Broad-way, Howar Ruelle.  Why, he’s so famous neither Wendy nor I can think of a single thing hes done!  I gotta admit, I don’t know enough about Broadway to know whether or not this Ruelle is supposed to be a stand-in for somebody else… or, shoot, if Ruelle himself is a real dude!

Anyhoo, Angel tells Wendy to “break a leg”… and you kinda know where this is going.  Well, okay… she doesn’t actually “break her leg” but she does fall down and hurt her leg.

After Wendy “walks it off”, Angel sits down in front of the television set with a cup of coffee.  She’s lamenting her current state, and fearful that she will not be able to find Mary Beth in time to save their mother… when… all of a sudden, she sees a televised speech from Congressional hopeful, Maureen McMeal.  She instantly recognizes the politician as her sister Mary Beth!

Wendy heads down the stoop… and, well I’ll be damned… she runs into our old friend Mr. Bum!  He’s completely drunk… and still quite the Wendy-fan.  She decides to treat him (and the neighborhood) with her rendition of The Good Boat Ice Cream Float.  She’s better then Temple, she is!

She then hops into a cab, where she helps the poor cabbie “recognize” her… ya know, by telling him who she is… then being flattered when he repeats it back to her.  Wendy’s the best… really.  Anyhoo… she arrives at her super special (open) audition to find she’s got a lot of competition today.

Meanwhile, Angel has decided to visit the campaign headquarters of Maureen McMeal.  She strolls in and proceeds to just blurt out everything that’s going on to some poor aide.  The look on this poor woman’s eyes… perfect!  Angel comes across like a lunatic here… and it’s all done wonderfully.  The aide says she’ll call Ms. McMeal, but instead calls her bouncer, Bernie… who introduces poor Angel to the pavement.

Meanwhile again… Wendy is about to go on stage right after a punk rock Madonna.  The poor punkette is booted from the stage in mid-act, and Wendy takes her spotlight… which is also sadly short-lived.  A few Valium later, Ruelle gives her the hook.

Back at McMeal HQ, a pizza is being delivered… hey, not so fast, I know that pizza delivery boy.  Yup, it’s Angel… trying to crib on the madcap antics usually reserved for her roommate.  She’s again tossed by big Bern, but causes such a stir that a conference room empties out.

In that conference room was the woman of the hour herself… Maureen McMeal.  Angel is ranting from the sidewalk and has her face pressed into the glass.  Maureen notices, and… well…

She turns to Bernie and says… to keep that girl away from her.  Wow, that’s cold sis!  Will Angel take “hell no” for an answer?  That’s going to have to wait until the next issue, my friends.

A whole lotta “losin’ it” in this issue.  Angel loses her mind over the sight of Maureen McMeal, who she believes to be in reality her sister Mary Beth.  I enjoyed the way in which this scene played out.  It was convenient… but not easy.  I dug that.  I really liked Angel’s expository explosion in the campaign office.  Knowing her like we do, it all made sense… but to the uninitiated?  She’s a loony toon!

I’m guessing as the series is winding down that Maureen is really her sister, and we’re about to learn a whole lot about the Love family.

Wendy’s audition was quite funny.  We’ve only seen her “act” for the birds and cockroaches… never in front of a real audience.  I was happy to see that she was still rather terrible on stage (and on the street).  I feared for a moment that the goofy director would somehow like the cut of her jib and offer her the lead in an ironic kinda way.  

Oh!  We get another visit from our old friend Mr. Bum.  I’m tellin’ ya folks, Angel Love continuity is tight as a drum!  I’ve been waiting to see this fella again from the first chapter so many months ago.  Glad to know he’s still a fan of our girl Wendy.

Overall, things are briskly building to our climax, and it’s still an enjoyable ride.  My only complaint is that it’s going to end really soon.

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