Weird Dose of X

Weird Dose of X, Episode 1

Weird Dose of X, Episode One

I realized that I neglected to share the first episode of a project I am now a part of over on the Weird Science Comics Network. Yes, it’s more of me talking about current-year X-Men… so, if you’re a fan of that sort of thing, you might wanna check this out. If you’re not… well, hopefully I’ll have something more interesting for you tomorrow.

In their inaugural outing, Jason and Chris begin to set the table for the upcoming A/X/E Judgment Day event by going deep on the status quo of Marvel’s Mutants. Talking all about the seminal beats of Jonathan Hickman’s grand vision… it’s HoX/PoX heavy, with a side of Crucible! 

One thought on “Weird Dose of X, Episode 1

  • Juice Willis

    This episode was great, great, great. I hope there’s more to come


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