Chris and Reggie's TOTAL PACKAGE

Chris and Reggie’s TOTAL PACKAGE – Doom Patrol!

Doom Patrol Young Animal

Chris and Reggie’s TOTAL PACKAGE

Doom Patrol (vol.6) #1-12 (November, 2016-December, 2018) [Young Animal]
(00:00:00) Doom Patrol (vol.6) #1: “Brick by Brick, Part One: Happy Birthday, Casey Brinke”
(00:09:57) Doom Patrol (vol.6) #2: “Brick by Brick Part 2: Negative World”
(00:18:34) Doom Patrol (vol.6) #3: “Brick by Brick, Part 3: It’s a Doomed World After All”
(01:08:10) Doom Patrol (vol.6) #4: “Brick by Brick, Part 4: I’m Sorry I’m Late”
(01:40:47) Doom Patrol (vol.6) #5: “Brick by Brick, Part 5: Let’s Go Fast”
(02:20:13) Doom Patrol (vol.6) #6: “Brick by Brick, Part 6”
(02:54:03) Doom Patrol (vol.6) #7: “Into the Scantoverse or Emotional Robots and Psychic Werewolves: A Doom Patrol Adventure”
(03:27:54) Doom Patrol (vol.6) #8: “Nada, Part 1: Nothing Matters”
(04:01:11) Doom Patrol (vol.6) #9: “Nada, Part 2: Nineninenine99999”
(04:21:37) Doom Patrol (vol.6) #10: “No Control”
(04:44:44) JLA/Doom Patrol Special #1: “Milk Wars, Part One”
(05:12:06) Doom Patrol/JLA Special #1: “Milk Wars, The End”
(05:37:13) Doom Patrol (vol.6) #11: “At the Bottom of Everything”
(06:10:28) Doom Patrol (vol.6) #12: “To Tame a Land: Into the Daemonscape”
Writer – Gerard Way, Steve Orlando, & Jeremy Lambert
Art – Nick Derington, Mike Allred, ACO, Hugo Petrus, Dale Eaglesham, & Dan McDaid
Inks – Tom Fowler
Colors – Tamra Bonvillain, Laura Allred, & Marisa Louise
Letters – Todd Klein & Clem Robins
Edits – Bond, Mahan, Rich, Howell, Doyle

A descent into absolute MADNESS… in all the wrong ways!

Here’s a collection I’ve been wanting to (re)share for a long time… when Reggie and I were covering the entirety of DC’s Young Animal boutique pop-up imprint (the first go-round, from 2016-2018), one of the titles… or, more accurately, THE title we were most excited for was: Doom Patrol (vol.6) — and, boy did we start off optimistic!  That is, until the writer of the thing stopped giving a crap about whether or not it ever came out!  Then, when it DID come out… it definitely had a “phoned in” sorta feel.

Over the course of the next seven hours, you can hear Reggie and I go from wildly excited… to mildly annoyed… to somewhat apathetic… then finally, to full-blown angry that one of our favorite comics properties was being held hostage by a fella who’d rather shill Hot Topic t-shirts than comics!

It’s a wild ride, and some of the most fun I had in my early podding “career”… and I hope you’ll give it a listen!  Content Warning: There’s some “colorful” language in these episodes!

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