X-Lapsed, Episode 295 – X-Men Unlimited #15 (2021)

x-lapsed x-men unlimited iceman's new year

X-Lapsed, Episode Two Hundred Ninety-Five

X-Men Unlimited (vol.3) #15 (December, 2021)
“Paradise Lost, Chapter Three: That Doesn’t Mean We Have to Like it”
Writer – Fabian Nicieza
Art – Matthew Horak
Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino
Edits – Amaro, Bissa, White, Cebulski
On-App: December 20, 2021

Mighty Marvel Holiday Special
“Iceman’s New Year’s Resolutions”
By Luciano Vecchio
Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino
Edits – Biro, Bissa, Cebulski
On-App: December 30, 2021

In which our Juggernaut/Deadpool team-up starts showing severe signs of decompression… and, hoo boy, does it like pointing out that Arnim Zola is a Nazi!  Don’t make that into a drinking game… you’d never survive the x-perience!

Plus – Bobby Drake rings in the New Year by kissing himself and delivering some of the cringiest dialogue your humble host has seen in years!  It’s a trip!

Also – Some babbly and rambly personal asides and anecdotes… that hopefully make a modicum of sense!


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