Chris and Reggie's TOTAL PACKAGE

Chris and Reggie’s TOTAL PACKAGE – Miracleman

Chris and Reggie Weird Comics History Miracleman Marvelman

Chris and Reggie’s TOTAL PACKAGE
Exploring the Mysteries of Marvel/Miracleman

For the first time ever, Chris and Reggie’s three-part Marvelman/Miracleman Weird Comics History deep-dive (originally featured in episodes 27-29 of that series), compiled in one over-stuffed episode!

Part One:

You ever have a Dream of Flying?  Join Chris and Reggie as they dive deep into the world of Marvelman.  From his humble beginnings as a British replacement for a certain Big Red Cheese, to the stories people actually care about (ie. those written by Alan Moore, err… we mean “The Original Writer”.

We will be sharing this crazy story over the next three installments. 

This time around you will be introduced to the reasons behind Marvelman’s creation, we’ll introduce you to his creator Mick Anglo… and discuss the move from Silver Age silliness to cynical 80’s grittiness (including a purposely brief synopsis of the WARRIOR Magazine run… because we really don’t want to “spoil” that for our dear listeners).

It’s a fun-filled hour of chatter… and we don’t even get to the lawsuit yet!  The… other lawsuit… the other, other lawsuit.

Part Two:

There comes a time when everybody has to leave home… and that’s no different for our new friend Marvelman, who, during this episode makes the trek across the Atlantic, and starts getting published stateside by Eclipse Comics.  Not before a little tweak in his title though.

For their middle installment of Exploring the Mysteries of MarveREDACTED… let’s try that again.  Exploring the Mysteries of MarREDACTED.  Hmm… okay, we’ll do it their way… For this installment of Exploring the Mysteries of Miracleman, Chris and Reggie discuss more growing pains than a house full of Seavers when they continue their long-form look at our Kimota-shouting hero.

This week they will set the stage for the domestic (if you live in the United States) arrival (and sorta-kinda revival) of Miracleman… and briefly discuss the remaining Alan Moore run as well as the still unfinished Neil Gaiman run.

Then… they start getting into the nitty-gritty, and really the “meat and potatoes” of any real Miracleman discussion… the rights!  Welcome to the story, Mr. McFarlane… hope you survive the experience!

Part Three:

Order in the court!  (Ham and Cheese)

For the final installment of “Exploring the Mysteries of Miracleman”, your favorite legal eagles Chris and Reggie don their long robes and powdered wigs and do their darnedest to figure out just who owns Marvelman!  

They will discuss the wheelings and dealings of one Spawny fellow… and spend far too much time discussing the characters of Angela, Cogliostro, and Medieval Spawn… but they promise it all (mostly) fits the story.  

Overall, it’s an hour and change of audio likely to make you even more curious and confused about Marvelman, and just how his story finally “shook out”.

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