Merry X-Lapsed – Uncanny X-Men #341 (1997)

Merry X-Lapsed!  Day Two

Uncanny X-Men #341 (February, 1997)
“When Strikes a Gladiator!”
Writer – Scott Lobdell
Pencils – Joe Madureira
Inks – Tim Townsend
Letters – Richard Starkings and Comicraft
Colors – Steve Buccellato and Team Bucce!
Edits – Jason Liebig, Mark Powers
Cover Price: $1.95

Our Holiday Week rolls on… and we haven’t even left Rockefeller Center yet!  Today’s comic, Uncanny X-Men #341 (1997) clearly takes a few of its cues from X-Men #98… just with a bit more turn-of-the-century sorta flare.

We’ll talk all about Cannonball’s recent promotion – as well as a quick n’ dirty catch-up on who in the hell Joseph is… was… whatever!

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One thought on “Merry X-Lapsed – Uncanny X-Men #341 (1997)

  • Damien Drouet-Whiter

    I always thought I had loads of X-Men Christmas stories in my collection but you seem to have found ones that I've never read. I left the X-Men immediately after Age of Apocalypse and definitely missed this one. It's a fun little story but I don't think it's quite as good as the last one. In some ways it's more Christmassy as it's thematically focused on family.

    I have previously stated that I always found Rogue and Gambit to be a weird couple. It felt like Rogue's personality was completely altered when she was paired with Gambit. You would think I'd be glad to see her pared with Joseph but I found that equally uncomfortable. Mainly because of the age difference between Rogue and Magneto. I know Joseph was eventually revealed not to be Magneto but he was intended to be him when this was written. In Claremont's later issues Rogue is referred to as a teenager and Magneto is revealed to have been 15 in 1940. At the very least Magneto is 45 years older than Rogue.

    Anyway thanks again for all the great podcasting. Merry Christmas.


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