Merry X-Lapsed – Uncanny X-Men #143 (1981)

Merry X-Lapsed!  Day Three

Uncanny X-Men #143 (March, 1981)
By – Chris Claremont & John Byrne
Inks – Terry Austin
Letters – Tom Orzechowski
Colors – Glynis Wein
Edits – Louise Jones
Cover Price: $0.50

At the midway point of our vacation from Krakoa, we take a look at… perhaps that “Christmas with the X-Men” book that pops into most of our heads anytime we think about “Christmas with the X-Men” books — even though, when it comes down to it – it ain’t all that Christmassy!

Today we’re going to get into the head of the newest X-Man, Kitty Pryde, as she tries to protect her home from the dreaded Wet Bandits… err, N’Garai Demon.  We also meet Captain Aletys Forrester – listen along as I mispronounce THAT name a half-dozen ways, and probably never say it right even once!

We’ll also discuss the ending of the Claremont/Byrne era, the not-so-subtle inspiration for this issue… and much more!

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One thought on “Merry X-Lapsed – Uncanny X-Men #143 (1981)

  • Damien Drouet-Whiter

    Merry Christmas. I listened to this episode on Christmas morning whilst peeling sprouts. Could I be any more festive.

    Finally we get to a story I have in my collection although I only have the Classic X-Men version so I don't get those fantastic letter columns. The earliest issue of Uncanny in my collection is 150 and I only have a consecutive collection from 210. Thank God for Classic X-Men.

    I don't think I ever realised that both X-Men 142 and 143 had covers by Terry Austin. Byrne really did flounder off if he wasn't willing to do the covers for issues he had drawn.

    Onto the story, Wolverine swiping claws-out at Nightcrawler is a classic Byrne conception of Logan. In interviews I've seen him refer to a scene he always wanted to do where Kitty came down for breakfast and said "Good Morning" in the wrong tone of voice and then Wolverine killed her. He always wanted him to be on the cusp of going psycho. One of the consequences of Byrne leaving is that Claremont took Wolverine in another direction where this scene seems out of character now.

    I love the fact that you went and researched when Hannukah was that year. Your thoroughness is impressive.

    The Kitty/Collosus mistletoe scene is weird. I know right from the start Peter was presented as the youngest of the new X-Men. He's definitely mentioned as being 18 or 19 at one point. Unfortunately both Cockrum and Byrne tended to make him look older so it's weird to see him presented as a teenager. Of course, Kitty is 14 so it's inappropriate for a 19 year old to be with her. Kitty having a crush on Collosus makes sense but him reciprocating is creepy.

    You coped well with the pronunciation problems in this issue. It's always odd to have to say words you've only seen written down. I've always pronounced them as En-Guh-Rye rather than Nuh-Jari and Uh-Lee-Tiss rather than Uh-Lettuce but who knows which of us is right. Only Chris Claremont knows for sure.

    Overall a great issue which makes use of thought balloons really well. Like you I don't understand why they have become so unfashionable when they are so useful for building character.

    Anyway thanks again for this palette cleansing week. Merry X-Lapsed.


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