BIZARRO BREAK #9 – Positive Batman

“The Power of Positive Batman”
Writer – Aaron Bergeron
Art – John Kerschbaum
Edits – Joey Cavalieri

Heyyy, two #BizarroBreak installments in one week?  Yeah, again, sorry ’bout that.  I did warn early on, however, that we might have some “BizarroBinges“… and, I guess we’re having a sorta-kinda-mini-binge right now!

With today’s installment, I do believe we are officially 1/4 through the Bizarro World hardcover… why, that didn’t take long at all!  At this rate, we’ll be done with this thing in… err, September?

Our story opens in the office of Dr. Milliken, Batman’s psychologist.  Batman swoops in through the window for a session… and decides, after all these years… it’s time for him to let go of the past, and stop being Batman!  He removes his cowl, revealing himself to be Bruce Wayne… which really freaks the Doc out!  Milliken wonders how Batman came to this conclusion… and suggests it might have to do with that silly Christmas song about how bad the hero smells!  Hey, speak of the devil

We jump over to Stately Wayne Manor, where Bruce is packing his bags.  Suddenly, the Bat-Signal illuminates the sky above.  Surely, our hero will answer the call… right?  Well, he answers it all right, just not the way we’re accustomed.

Over the next few days, Bruce continues taking steps toward letting go of his life as a crime-fighting caped-crusader… which really grinds the gears of his now-former rogues gallery!  The Joker, Riddler, Two-Face, and Poison Ivy pay him a visit to try and get him to take up the cape again!  We could go into all those scholarly discussions about the duality of heroes and villains, and how they are reliant on one another to exist… but, instead we’ll just have a chuckle at the silly scene.

After a yard sale, where Bruce dumps all of his wonderful toys, he goes to load himself up into the former-Batmobile.  He is stopped by Wonder Woman, who tells him he’s a valuable member of the Justice League… and she’d like to see him back in the tights.  He tells her, she’s got a beautiful pair of lips, and he’d really like to kiss ’em.

Time passes, and Bruce is out on a pontoon in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Superman is able to track him down, and decides to pay a visit.

Bruce pipes up right away, insisting he won’t be coming back… to which, Superman is totally cool!  In fact, he’s here to join him!  And so, we wrap up with Bruce and Clark lazing away the rest of their lives on a pontoon in the middle of the ocean. 

Another fun chapter of Bizarro World… well, up until the ending anyway.  Here we have Bruce Wayne doing the unthinkable… well, maybe not “unthinkable” in 2020… who even knows what’s going on at DC Comics these days?  Not even the people “working” there.  But, here – Bruce Wayne “gets over it”… and decides to stop being Batman.

We see the silly ripple effect this causes, effecting everyone from the Gotham P.D., to the baddies, to his fellow Justice Leaguers.  And, ya know, it’s fun.  Not much to actually “say” about all of it, but I can tell ya, I chuckled a time or two.

The ending… I thought was rather weak.  Not really sure if it was trying to necessarily “say” anything… but, to me, it fell flat.  They can’t all end strong, I guess.  I did have a good time along the way, and sometimes that’s all we can hope for!

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