Flash (vol.5) #45 (2018)

Flash (vol.5) #45 (June, 2018)
“After the Storm”
Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Christian Duce
Colorist – Luis Guerrero
Letterer – Steve Wands
Assistant Editor – Andrew Marino
Editor – Rebecca Taylor
Group Editor – Marie Javins
Cover Price: $2.99

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that I’ve become rather taken with the current arc on Flash.  Figure it’s only fair to better familiarize myself with this volume, as I haven’t been disappointed yet!

We open up, just as the title suggests… “after the storm”.  Wally is attempting to purchase some flowers, however the poor florist’s shop was among the wreckage of Grodd’s attack.  Luckily, the Flash Family is rapidly putting the city back together again.

We shift scenes to Iron Heights, where Barry is chatting up the incarcerated Negative Flash, Meena Dhawan.  He tries to assuage her guilt from recent events… but she insists that she wasn’t completely under Grodd’s control.  Some of it, she attributes to the danger of the Speed Force.

They are soon joined by Wallace West and Avery Ho.  Barry leaves them to get reacquainted.

On his way out, Barry stops to talk to Kristen Kramer for a bit.  They discuss Godspeed, who at that very moment is being contacted by… someone.

Later, at S.T.A.R. Labs Kid Flash and Avery flirt a little bit… with Wallace passing on an opportunity to return to China with her.  Turns out Robin has witnessed this entire exchange… as he’s visiting to discuss some future-Titans business.

Back at his office, Barry runs into Iris… and they have a really nice chat.  Iris insists that she wants to know both Barry Allen and the Flash.

They exchange “I love you’s”, and Barry tells her that he’s ready to tell her everything… including, introducing him to a certain redheaded speedster.

Wally enters, and hands her the bouquet… before sheepishly pulling away.  Then… Iris remembers!  She strokes his face… and knows, he’s Wally!

The memories come flooding back to Iris… but she wonders… where is everybody else?  This question triggers something in Wally… 

Now, he remembers everything too!

One’a them nice, quiet, post-event issues.

Really enjoyed this, despite not really knowing much of what came before.  Characters like Negative Flash, Avery, and Godspeed are completely new to me… I’m sure I’ve seen them on a “flip thru”, but cannot claim to have ever read about them.

My takeaway from the Iris/Wally reveal… and I think I’ve already asked this in a later Flash Discussion/Review… if she remembers Wally… and “everybody else”, does she also remember that she was married to Barry?  I get that memories can be picky-choosy, but this one’s really gonna bug me.

Also, she does say “everybody else”… but only remembers Jai and Irey later.  Who might she be referring to here?

Another thing… and it’s silly… but, Wally buying flowers for his aunt on a regular basis?  I mean, I get what they’re going for… but, still… I feel like that’s kinda weird.  Maybe I’m off-base…

Overall… really dug this.  Only wish I’d actually read it a couple months back when it came out instead of letting it get lost in the shuffle of new releases!

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