ACW #612 – Catwoman

Action Comics Weekly #612 (Catwoman)
“The Tin Roof Club, Part Two”
Writer – Mindy Newell
Pencils – Barry Kitson
Inks – Bruce Patterson
Letters – Carrie Spiegle
Colors – Adrienne Roy
Assistant Editor – Dan Raspler
Editor – Denny O’Neil

Back to our first SHOWCASE Presentation… Catwoman!  Stuff like this makes me wish Action Comics Weekly kept going more than the 42 issues it did!  Not that everything’s been awesome, but I just love the idea of these short features putting a spotlight on some lower-tier (at the time) characters.

Let’s do it!

Picking up right where we left off last week, Selina has opened the door to her office to find her Bartender wielding a gun… and suddenly, a shot is fired.  Turns out, it was actually Detective Flannery’s gun that went off… Bartender Willy hits the ground.  George begins scanning the office, and isn’t too terribly surprised to see it littered with kayoed gangsters.  More than that, he’s unshaken to discover Selina’s whip and catsuit on her desk.  He’s apparently clued-in on the alter-ego, but assumed Selina “killed the cat”.

Realizing that he has very little choice at the moment, Flannery goes to arrest Selina.  He only manages to get one cuff on her before she overwhelms him.  And by “overwhelms”, I mean she just beats the hell out of him.  Before “suiting up” and taking her leave, she cuffs George with his own manacles.

Turns out, Catwoman is heading to New Jersey to check in with Holly… if you recall, last week she’d “gifted” her that precious cat brooch.

Catwoman sneaks into Holly’s place.  Holly, is pretty surprised by this, and jokes that Selina might be there to “rob” her.  Selina asks for Holly to hand the gift over as it’s too dangerous for her to have it.  Holly admits that she didn’t wait until Christmas to open the package… and further admits that she’d given it to her husband, Arthur so he could drop it off at their Safe Deposit box at the bank for safe-keeping.

Selina asks to see Arthur… but he ain’t home.  She asks Holly if it’s weird for her husband to be out at three in the morning.  Before she can answer, however… the house explodes!

Wowie!  With an ending like that, it’s almost like we’re back reading Wild Dog again!

Really not sure how this one’s going to play out.  I mean, clearly, Catwoman is going to survive the blast… but, will Holly?  I think we’re meant to assume that Arthur was planning to “make off” with the brooch, and rigged his own house to blow, wife included, in order to cover his getaway?  At least that’s my “hot take” on the subject.

Jumping back to the beginning of the story, I really enjoyed the back and forth between Selina and George.  I’m digging this George character an awful lot.  We can tell that he doesn’t want to arrest Selina, and he’s trying to be as patient as possible with her… but, in times like this, he can’t really turn a blind eye.

Overall… Catwoman got my “Best of the Week” vote last week, and as of right now, it’s very likely that it’ll go two-in-a-row for me.  Really enjoying this… it’s a shame that it’s already halfway through!

Tomorrow: Some-one’s in the Dump-ster with Di-nah!

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