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NML Crossing, Episode 038 – Batman: Shadow of the Bat #80 (1998)

NML Crossing, Episode Thirty-Eight

Batman: Shadow of the Bat #80 (December, 1998)
“Wax Man and the Clown, Part One”
Writer – Alan Grant
Pencils – Mark Buckingham
Inks – Robert Campanella
Colors – Pam Rambo & Digital Chameleon
Letters – Bill Oakley
Edits – Gorfinkel & O’Neil
Cover Price: $3.95 (flip-book)

It’s another one of those “good news, bad news” situations on the Road to No Man’s Land. The good news is, we’re back to Shadow of the Bat… the bad news is, this is Alan Grant’s swan song arc! This time out, we check in on our favorite Arkham, Jeremiah, as he deals with the fallout of the verybadthing that happened at 7:03, and the fact that, ever since, he’s been unable to get any supplies or meds for his Asylum full’a lunatics! As of this issue, he’s t-minus one week away from being out of everything! What’s a man to do? Perhaps turn to… the Joker for help?!

A great issue to kick off the arc, plus (by popular demand) a replaying of my “Idiot’s Guide to Comic Book Podcasting” from way back in 2021! It’s a long one… but, I give ya ample warning as to where you can safely hit “stop” on your listening device!

3 thoughts on “NML Crossing, Episode 038 – Batman: Shadow of the Bat #80 (1998)

  • Chris U

    I’m surprised to see the Nicholas Scratch plot from Azrael mentioned here, since I have no memory of this character existing. Since we had some mention of Bruce Wayne testifying in DC in part 3 of the Azrael story , which is two months away from this issue on the publishing schedule, I’m wondering how tightly the Road to No Man’s Land was plotted among the various Bat-books.
    A good first part to the last Alan Grant Shadow of the Bat story.

  • Chris U

    I enjoyed your “Idiots Guide”. A lot of good advice for not just podcasting, but also life in general. It was a nice peek into the mind of the man behind the microphone.

    • I was also going to say the same thing: I enjoyed it a lot and found it very relevant to not just podcasting (or other creative work) but to life in general; some of it sounds like advice I’ve heard from my therapist, advice I don’t follow enough.

      Based on one of the points you made, Chris S., I’m going to shoot my shot: would you have any interest in having me on NML Crossing at some point? I’m most familiar with the Mr. Wayne Goes to Washington and No Law and a New Order storyarcs from NML proper, although I’m game for anything (I especially love the Montoya/Two Face stuff)!


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