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NML Crossing, Episode 034 – Detective Comics #726 (1998)

NML Crossing, Episode Thirty-Four

Detective Comics #726 (October, 1998)
“Fool’s Errand”
Writer – Chuck Dixon
Art – Brian Stelfreeze w/Scott McDaniel
Colors – Gloria Vasquez & Android Images
Letters – John Costanza
Edits – Vincenzo & Peterson
Cover Price: $1.99

Wrapping up the Aftershock Era with… a Red-Sky issue?!

Rather than going out with a Cataclysmic Bang, we ready ourselves to embark upon the Road to No Man’s Land with a wonderful little “evergreen” story, featuring the Joker imparting quite the impactful lesson upon our Caped Crusader.

Potentially the strongest single-issue story of our NML Crossing journey so far!  You’re gonna dig this issue… and hopefully, this episode!

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One thought on “NML Crossing, Episode 034 – Detective Comics #726 (1998)

  • Chris U

    I thought you were just taking the federal holiday of President’s day off. Glad to hear you back today. This is destination listening for me.

    The interaction between Batman and the Joker reminds me of the Sherlock Holmes Moriarty relationship. A more cerebral Joker is something we don’t always get to see, so I quite enjoyed this. He almost feels like Hannibal Lecter, where even though he is behind bars he is still as dangerous as if he were loose.


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