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NML Crossing, Episode 017 – Batman: Arkham Asylum-Tales of Madness #1 (1998)

NML Crossing, Episode Seventeen

Batman: Arkham Asylum-Tales of Madness #1 (May, 1998)
“Tales of Madness”
Writer – Alan Grant
Art – Dave Taylor
Colors – Bjarne Hansen & Heroic Age
Letters – Bill Oakley
Edits – Vincenzo & Peterson
Cover Price: $2.95

We enter “pink skies” territory with our third (of three) Cataclysmic one-shots.  This time out, we sit for story-time as some Arkham All-Stars attempt to regale a new security guard with their “Tales of Madness”… hey, that’s the name of the book!

Plus: A return to an extra-stuffed NMaiLbag! 

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One thought on “NML Crossing, Episode 017 – Batman: Arkham Asylum-Tales of Madness #1 (1998)

  • Chris U

    Another enjoyable yet unnecessary issue. Made me feel like I got something interesting for my $3.
    I have to say though, just the mention of the name Jigsaw Man made me wonder when Marvel’s Punisher was going to show up.

    I am reading that new Justice Society series. It’s interesting yet it strays from the old Bronze Age Earth-Two lore. Lots of new retconed characters introduced that I don’t know how I feel about yet. Lots of “aren’t you dead” characters are somehow alive too. Huntress is definitely the star of the book, but she is from the future and not an alternate earth.

    The thing that always burned me in deciding to drop a book from my monthly purchases is that usually just a few months later the title would get canceled and then I would feel the need to get those last 3 or 4 issues I didn’t buy to have the complete run. Happened to me with X-Factor and Green Arrow. After that I couldn’t drop a book and have it happen again. The guy at my comic shop back in the day once said to me “your still buying this” when he saw a late in the run issue of John Byrne’s Doom Partol in my stack. I wasn’t enjoying it but I needed to buy it to keep having every issue of the title.


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