DC Comics BONUS BOOKS & Insert Prevues

Welcome to our page collecting all of our Insert Prevue and Bonus Book! Discussions.  I apologize for the lackluster makeshift image above… 

First, the have the Insert Prevue-era (1980-1985), wherein DC Comics introduced new concepts, characters, and creations!  They are organized below in the order in which they were released.  Just click a cover to be taken to the discussion piece!  In the interest of completionism, I’ve included some chatter on the Insert Prevue that never was... Pandora Pann!

Next, the actual Bonus Book! era (1988-1989), which put more of an emphasis on introducing New Talent, rather than properties!  There will be a few notable and recognizable creators within these pages!  As with those above, just click the covers to check out the chatter!

And… Extra Inserts:
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