Collected X-Lapsed

The Collected X-Lapsed, Episode 30 – Reign of X, Volume 8

Reign of X vol 8 Collected X-Lapsed

The Collected X-Lapsed, Episode Thirty

Reign of X, Volume 8 (2022)
(00:00:00) Hellions #9: “Funny Games: Level 1”
(00:44:00) Hellions #10: “Funny Games, Part 2: Hitbox”
(01:34:29) Excalibur (vol.4) #20: “No Pity From Your Friends”
(02:20:36) Cable (vol.4) #10: “Depression”
(02:53:50) Children of the Atom #3: “Unusual Dinner Guests”
(03:29:32) X-Men (vol.5) #20: “Lost Love”
Writers – Zeb Wells, Tini Howard, Gerry Duggan, Vita Ayala, & Jonathan Hickman
Art – Stephen Segovia, Marcus To, Phil Noto, Paco Medina, & Francesco Mobili
Inks – Bernard Chang
Colors – David Curiel, Erick Arciniega, Phil Noto, & Sunny Gho
Letters – VC’s Ariana Maher, Joe Sabino, Travis Lanham, & Clayton Cowles
Design – Tom Muller
Edits – Andrews-Ballesteros, Robinson, Basso, Amaro, Bissa, White, Cebulski
Cover Price: $17.99
On-Sale: January 19, 2022

After two-plus years in our brave, new post-HoXPoX era… we’re finally getting on with it!  Well, sorta… all of the momentum is about to be usurped by Hellfire Gala hoo-doo, and a fairly drastic shift in direction.

This time out, we get some Nimrod, Sinister gets in position to start concocting Chimerae, Excalibur gets malicious, Kid Cable keeps being bummed out… and the Children of the Atom sorta-kinda get an origin… that never gets touched on again!

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