X-Lapsed Point One

X-Lapsed Point One, Episode 4 – Marvel Mystery Comics #4 (1940)

Marvel Mystery Comics #4

X-Lapsed Point One, Episode Four

Marvel Mystery Comics #4 (February, 1940)
“Sub-Mariner Goes to War!”
By Bill Everett
Edits – Joe Simon
Cover Price: 10ยข

Still not up to getting behind the mic.  Hoping things will be back to normal next week.  Thank you for understanding.

Since Namor cannot say no to a pretty face, he decides to throw in full-time with the Allied Powers.  He is also promoted to Commander-in-Chief of the Not-yet-lantean military… so, there’s that too!

This is the first time we see our hero use his underwater telepathy too… I’m sorry, there just isn’t all that much to say about this one!  It’s still fun though!


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