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X-Lapsed MasterworX, Episode 6

x-lapsed masterworx x-men strange tales

X-Lapsed MasterworX, Episode Six

The Essential X-Lapsed, Episodes 029-034
(00:00:00) Strange Tales #141: “Operation: Brain Blast!”
(00:32:02) Strange Tales #142: “Who Strikes at — S.H.I.E.L.D.?”
(00:56:18) Strange Tales #143: “To Free a Brain Slave!”
(01:21:26) X-Men #22: “Divided — We Fall!”
(02:00:00) X-Men #23: “To Save a City”
(02:33:00) X-Men #24: “The Plague of… the Locust!”
Writers – Stan Lee & Roy Thomas
Pencils – Jack Kirby, Howard Purcell, & Werner Roth (as Jay Gavin AND himself)
Inks – Frank Giacoia, Mike Esposito, & Dick Ayers
Letters – Sam Rosen & Artie Simek
Colors – Probably that Goldberg guy
Edits – Stan Lee
Cover Price: 12ยข/per

The Essential X-Lapsed rolls on… and OFF the beaten X-Path to continue x-ploring the x-ploits of the Silver Age X-Men… as well as popping in on the first appearance of semi-relevant Marvel Mutant… Mentallo, in the pages of Strange Tales – a three-part adventure starring Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

All that, and our usual Silver Age Back-Matter, including Letters Pages and Bullpen Bulletins!


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