X-Lapsed MasterworX

X-Lapsed MasterworX, Episode 2

X-Lapsed MasterworX, Episode Two

The Essential X-Lapsed, Volume 2
(00:00:00) Tales of Suspense #49: "The New Iron Man Meets The Angel!"
(00:26:25) Strange Tales #120: "The Torch Meets The Iceman!"
(00:40:10) Fantastic Four #28: "We Have to Fight the X-Men!"
(01:14:10) X-Men #7: "The Return of the Blob!"
(01:46:56) Journey Into Mystery #109: "When Magneto Strikes!"
(02:13:59) X-Men #8: "The Uncanny Threat of... Unus the Untouchable!"
Writer/Edits - Stan Lee
Pencils - Steve Ditko & Jack Kirby
Inks - Paul Reinman, Dick Ayers, & Chic Stone
Colors - ???
Letters - Sam Rosen & Artie Simek
Cover Price: 12ยข per

For our second MasterworX compilation, we x-plore the X-Men’s first crossovers… having them cross paths with the likes of the Fantastic Four and Iron Man… while Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants has a run-in with The Mighty Thor!

We also advance the X-Men’s own story… including an episode that has some sort of weird temporal anomaly… not sure if y’all can help me out with this, but – during X-Men #8, the pages get a bit fuzzy… and the art and writing style changes a bit for a blink of an eye.  Hmm… it’s probably nothing important!

All that, plus the original letters pages, the proto-Bullpen Bulletins, and much more!


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