The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 049 – X-Men #39 (1967)


The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 049

X-Men #39 (December, 1967)
“The Fateful Finale!” and “Lonely are the Hunted!”
Writer – Roy Thomas
Pencils – Don Heck & Werner Roth
Inks – Vince Colletta & John Verpoorten
Letters – Artie Simek & Al Kurzrok
Colors – ???
Edits – Stan Lee
Cover Price: 12¢

Finally… our X-Tended stint with Factor Three comes to a close!

Today, your humble host proves that not even threat of illness will keep his stupid ass off the microphone, as we close out this arc, and prepare to jump headlong into the next… even weirder era!

Plus: Mutant Mail-Box, Bullpen Bulletins, a radio interview with Stan Lee, and much more!


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