The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 50 – X-Men #40 (1968)

The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 050

X-Men #40 (January, 1968)
“Mark of the Monster!” & “The First Evil Mutant!”
Writer – Roy Thomas
Pencils – Don Heck & Werner Roth
Inks – George Tuska & John Verpoorten
Letters – Artie Simek & Al Kurzrok
Colors – Ya know, that guy
Edits – Stan Lee
Cover Price: 12¢

It’s the regular-sized, nothin’ happenin’ Landmark Milestone FIFTIETH Episode of The Essential X-Lapsed!

And, boy do I wish we had a better story to talk about…

It’s the X-Men vs. Frankenstein(‘s Monster)… by the way, I will refer to him both as “Frankenstein” AND “Frankenstein’s Monster”… so, consider that your trigger warning!  Also, we meet the First Evil Mutant, the ridiculous Jack O’Diamonds!

All’at and all of our normal nutty back-matter!


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