The Collected X-Lapsed, Episode 14 – Dawn of X, Volume 11 (2021)

The Collected X-Lapsed, Episode Fourteen

Dawn of X, Volume 11 (2021)
(00:00:00) New Mutants #10 – “Parasomnia”
(01:01:43) New Mutants #11 – “Ice Cream Dreams”
(01:36:43) Hellions #2 – “Blood Work”
(02:03:45) Hellions #3 – “Nothing People”
Writers – Ed Brisson & Zeb Wells
Art – Flaviano & Stephen Segovia
Colors – Carlos Lopez & David Curiel
Letters – VC’s Travis Lanham, Cory Petit, & Ariana Maher
Design – Tom Muller
Head of X – Hickman
Edits – Bissa, Amaro, Basso, White, Cebulski
Cover Price: $17.99
On-Sale: February 2, 2021

This is the compilation I’ve both been looking forward to AND dreading… ya see, this is our “audit” episode!

Since between Amazon, Marvel, Comixology, and the Marvel Wikia… NOBODY can keep straight which issues appear in each collection – we’ve been forced to dig a bit deeper, and figure out x-actly where we stood.  As such, this will be a bit of a shorter installment, as we’ve already covered two of the issues that were actually a part of this volume!  Those issues were Excalibur (vol.4) #10, and the second-half of Wolverine (vol.7) #1.  What remains is a pair of issues from both New Mutants (vol.4) and Hellions!  Approximately half of those issues will be quite fun to discuss!

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