Chris and Reggie’s TOTAL PACKAGE – Age of Apocalypse

Chris and Reggie’s TOTAL PACKAGE

Age of Apocalypse (1995)
(00:00:00) Part 1: X-Men in the early-mid 1990’s, all the events, LegionQuest, and X-Men: Alpha
(02:09:22) Part 2: All of the AoA #1 issues!  Astonishing X-Men, Amazing X-Men, Factor-X, Gambit & the X-Ternals, Generation neXt, Weapon X, X-Calibre, X-Man, & X-Men Chronicles
(04:20:28) Part 3: X-Men Chronicles #2 + Issues 2-4 of Astonishing X-Men, Factor-X, Generation neXt, and Weapon X
(05:58:52) Part 4: Issues 2-4 of Gambit & the X-Ternals, X-Calibre, X-Man, & Amazing X-Men
(07:29:23) Part 5: X-Universe #1-2
(09:09:56) Part 6: X-Men: Omega, X-Men: Prime, and the Legacy of the AoA!
Total Run Time: 10 Hours, 37 Minutes, 5 Seconds

The celebration of Five Years of Chris and Reggie rolls on, with a compilation of the series we used to commemorate the one-hundredth episode of the Cosmic Treadmill.  In our Crisis on Infinite Earths style, we break down the entirety of Marvel’s Age of Apocalypse event from 1995… providing bios for all of the creators involved… as well as every single character to make an appearance!  Things get especially crazy once we get to the X-Universe issues!

It’s a long one indeed… but a project we were very proud of!  I hope you enjoy!

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