The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 023 – X-Men #16 (1966)

The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode Twenty-Three

X-Men #16 (January, 1966)
“The Supreme Sacrifice!”
Writer/Edits – Stan Lee
Layouts – Jack Kirby
Pencils – Werner Roth (as Jay Gavin)
Inks, or “Delineation” – Dick Ayers
Letters – Artie Simek
Colors – Someone with a LOT of Pink and Purple Crayons
Cover Price: 12¢

Wrapping up our first three-part X-Men story — it’s the Sentinel Saga, wherein, it should come as no surprise that – once again, Professor X steals the spotlight and wins the day!

Also: Stan Lee gets taken to task for his poor Latin usage in the Letters Page, the Bullpen Bulletins takes off – and the Merry Marvel Marching Society won’t quit!  It’s a fun time in the Silver Age, and I hope you’ll join me for it!

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