The Collected Major X-Lapsed

The Collected Major X-Lapsed

Major X-Lapsed (2019)
(00:00:00) Major X #1
(00:26:33) Major X #2
(00:45:06) Major X #3
(01:09:54) Major X #4
(01:29:12) Major X #5
(01:54:16) Major X #6
(02:16:39) Major X #0: “All Along the Watchtower, Parts 1 & 2”
Writer – Rob Liefeld & Eric Stephenson
Pencils – Rob Liefeld, Brent Peeples, & Whilce Portacio 
Inks – Rob Liefeld, Adelso Corona, Dan Fraga, Scott Hanna, & Cory Hamscher
Colors – Romulo Fajardo Jr., & Digital Broome
Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino, & Comicraft’s Troy Peteri
Edits – Bissa, White, Cebulski, Powers, Harras
Cover Price: $24.99
On-Sale: October 15, 2019

Celebrating 30 Years of X-Force by sharing a compiled version of my three or so hour conversation with myself regarding 2019’s sorta-kinda controversial miniseries (until people forgot it was still a thing) – Major X!  I discuss my roots in Liefeld fandom, what early 90’s comics meant (and continue to mean) to me… and then, we get into it!

This is a very up and down little outing, so strap in – it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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