The Collected X-Lapsed, Episode 08 – Dawn of X, Volume 6 (2020)

The Collected X-Lapsed, Episode Eight

Dawn of X, Volume 6 (2020)
(00:00:00) Marauders #6: “A Time to Reap”
(00:48:57) Excalibur (vol.4) #6: “Verse VI: Watch the Throne”
(01:13:38) Fallen Angels (vol.2) #6: “Conclusion”
(01:49:32) New Mutants (vol.4) #6: “Not As Hoped”
(02:20:09) X-Force (vol.6) #6: “Intelligence”
(03:09:48) X-Men (vol.5) #6: “The Oracle”
Writers – Gerry Duggan, Tini Howard, Bryan Hill, Ed Brisson, Benjamin Percy, & Jonathan Hickman
Art – Matteo Lolli, Mario Del Pennino, Marcus To, Szymon Kudranski, Flaviano, Stephen Segovia, & Matteo Buffagni
Colors – Erick Arciniega, Federico Blee, Frank D’Armata, Carlos Lopez, GURU-eFX, & Sunny Gho
Letters – VC’s Cory Petit, Joe Sabino, Travis Lanham, Joe Caramagna, & Clayton Cowles
Design – Tom Muller
Edits – Robinson, Bissa, White, Cebulski
Cover Price: $17.99
On-Sale: July 14, 2020

As news begins to trickle in regarding the upcoming INFERNO event, The Collected X-Lapsed is inadvertently relevant (well, as relevant as it can be) – as this compilation episode contains the “shoe-drop” issue of X-Men wherein we all learn of Mystique’s designs on our Island Nation!  Also: Kitty goes for an x-tended swim in Marauders, Fallen Angels mercifully ends, and Beast gets even nastier over in X-Force!

All that, as well as the always x-cellent Mailbags and the normal amounts of my marblemouthed nonsense!  If you’re just now discovering X-Lapsed via these “collected editions”, please let me know!

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