eXLapsedination, Episode 1 – Countdown to Extermination (2018)

eXLapsedination, Episode One

Countdown to Extermination (July-September, 2018)
Featuring “post-credits scenes” from:
  • X-Men Gold #27
  • X-Men Blue #27
  • X-Men Red #5
  • Astonishing X-Men (vol.4) #13
  • Cable #159
Writer – Ed Brisson
Art – Oscar Bazaldua
Colors – Erick Arciniega
Letters – VC’s Joe Caramagna, Travis Lanham, Cory Petit, & Clayton Cowles
Edits – Robinson, Shan, White
Cover Price: $3.99 each
On-Sale: May 2-July 18, 2018

Welcome to the new X-Lapsed Sunday Special Series… 

It’s another one that I’ve been really looking forward to: Extermination – wherein we’re going to find out where Kid Cable came from… and where the time-displaced Original Five went!  Well, that’s the plan anyway… anything could happen!

But before all that, we’re going to have to get to Extermination… you might say, we’re going to have to Countdown to Extermination.  Today we’re going to chat about the post AvX landscape which brought us to this point… and then the five “post credits sequences” that lead us into the event miniseries proper.  It’s bound to be a good time – I hope you decide to come along!

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