Sandman Universe “Gatherum”, Episode 7

Cosmic Treadmill Special: Sandman Universe “Gatherum”, Episode Seven

Happy Halloween, Everybody!

In the spirit of the season, I’m sharing a little something I’ve been keeping in my back pocket for the better part of two years – the seventh installment of the Sandman Universe “Gatherum”, from back in the long ago where Reggie and I would cover the “weirdo books” over at Weird Science DC Comics.

I hope everyone enjoys this little blast from the past… and has a happy and safe holiday.

Today’s discussions originally aired in segment form during the following episodes of the Weird Science DC Comics Podcast:

Episode 221 (03.31.2019) – Books of Magic (vol.3) #6

Episode 222 (04.07.2019) – The Dreaming (vol.2) #8

Episode 223 (04.14.2019) – House of Whispers #8

Episode 224 (04.21.2019) – Lucifer (vol.3) #7

Since it’s been awhile, here are the links to the previous six episodes:

Sandman Universe Gatherum, Episode One (03.14.2019)


Sandman Universe Gatherum, Episode Two (03.21.2019)


Sandman Universe Gatherum, Episode Three (03.28.2019)


Sandman Universe Gatherum, Episode Four (04.04.2019)


Sandman Universe Gatherum, Episode Five (04.25.2019)


Sandman Universe Gatherum, Episode Six (06.20.2019)


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